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Some words about me… 


I grew up in a family of musicians. From a very young age I am rocked by these people who are lucky to live with their passion, their art and their unique know-how. In my child’s eyes, these family moments were emotionally intense, so I became a musician too. The guitar rocks now my family moments.

I am married and dad of a little boy. I do not hide from you that a tiny part of my heart hopes that he too will be touched by musical art. Photography took hold in my life, without warning, and we fell in love with each other. We are a family of travelers. At the height of his three years, my son is an adventurer at heart, just like his parents. It goes without saying that my camera is never far to immortalize these moments. The discovery of the world is part of me, my story, my identity, and I firmly believe that being a traveler and a photographer are two attractions of my inseparable personality.

This site is dedicated to my loves Johanna and Enes.

This picture…

If I had to keep only one photograph of my new life, I will choose this image. My wife and son on one of our trips abroad. It represents for me the fulfillment of a major stage in the life of a man, in my life. This cliché resonates in me an infinity of indescribable emotions.


Better than words, images

Because it’s hard to come up with words …

I have selected some pictures allowing you to know me more.

My bag…

The day of a wedding, my main tool is my creativity. Nevertheless this one would be nothing without my material … I chose to work with a Canon 5D Mark IV because in my opinion it is the ideal tool for the photo-reportage of marriage. Its speed and efficiency allow me to miss no important moment. In addition to him are various optics of very high quality. I mainly photograph in natural light, however in the evening the use of flash is essential.

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Each couple is unique, each wedding is unique …

Knowing you well is the first step to create images out of the ordinary!

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