Camille & François 


My meeting with Camille and François is pure chance … It all started in Annecy !

I was traveling in the south of France and I decided to stop in Annecy. I love this city, its charm, its landscapes, its lake … It is good to live. I was walking in the beautiful alley of Annecy. At the corner of an alley, I discovered a place to take your breath away. An incredible view of the rooftops of Annecy was offered to me with the bonus of a sunset to fall to the ground. Camille and François then appeared. Such in angels you will tell me … I then took the opportunity to immortalize this magnificent panorama with this young couple. What fascinates me most about my job as a wedding photographer is to meet incredible people and get to know them through my lens.

Thanks to chance I discovered that day two people adorable and very nice. They are an incredibly beautiful couple. When I photograph a commitment session, I ask my couples to be natural and accomplices … With Camille and François I did not need to ask them. Their complicity, their love and their naturalness is present on the images in a very marked way.

Thanks to this impromptu walk in the old Annecy, I keep an unforgettable memory of this meeting.